Lexical Word Finder


Lexical Word Finder searches through the entire English language (or "lexicon"), determining where (and what) words may be played on the board. Written in C++, the engine is designed to be exceptionally fast, while still considering all possible plays. The returned words are the highest scoring possible, as it considers all possibilities:

  1. Initial word generation.
  2. Intersecting words.
  3. Adjacent, parallel words.
  4. Extending existing words.
  5. All possible combinations of #2, #3, and #4. (Including all three!)

Additionally, any invalid words will be brought to your attention.

The only consideration not made is tactical advantage. For example, be wary of giving your opponent an opportunity for an easy "triple word score!"  If one exists, select an alternate word of similar value. This judgment is best made by you, the human, not a computer, as it also depends on your opponent's abilities and many other factors.


A lexicon is a list of words containing the vocabulary of a language. If you want to know what words are searched through in determining results, these are (the links to) the lexicon files used:

Acronym Name Words
TWL Tournament Word List 178,691
SOWPODS OSW+OSPD (Official Scrabble Words / Player's Dictionary) 267,751
ENABLE Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon 172,823


Is a downloadable form of this program available?
Not at this time.

May I make a donation via PayPal?
This was not intended for profit, thus it's free! (This seems logical.) However, I decided to start using a single ad to help mitigate the cost of the (rather expensive) datacenter-hosted servers that run the site. The best thing you can do is to just pay attention to the ads, haha. (I too have ad blindness!)

When I change game types, it keeps reverting back to the old game type!
To change game types mid-game, change "Scrabble" in the URL to "Words_With_Friends", or vice versa, etc. Similarly, Super_Scrabble, Wordsmith, Lexulous, etc all work. Your game may not save correctly, however. (Derp. This is on my to-do list.)

Why I can't type anything onto the board?
This is a bug caused by a recent update to Comcast's security software, Constant Guard. Disable it. Alternatively, Michael Langevin has kindly created a document to help you solve this problem more precisely.

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